80’s fashion trends : Like it or Leave it!

Have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to live in the 80’s? Many people have, and that is because the 80’s had a certain aura about it that made it one of the most exciting periods in time. The 80’s had a strong sense of nostalgia that remains today, and yet it never seems to get old. With popular movies like “The Big Lebowski” and “The Princess Bride”, the 80’s never seems to get old. The 80’s fashion trends are still popular today and are a great way to bring back some of that bounce and excitement.

In the 80’s, fashion was all about the big hair, the big shoulder pads, and the big bangs. There was even a trend of wearing two different outfits. Today, people are wearing what they want, and not what they think is normative. People are more comfortable expressing themselves and their individuality through fashion.

The Early 80’s Outfit Ideas

In the 80’s fashion trends, there were many colorful patterns, vibrant colors and bold prints. There were many fashion trends that were popular during the 80’s, and one of the more popular ones was the neon color. Neon colors were a popular trend in the 80’s for women and men. Fashion designers, designers and people all over the world were inspired by the bright colors. Neon colors have been used in many different fashion designs, like high-tops and shirts to baggy pants and skirts. Some neon colors that were popular in the 80’s are turquoise, neon green, neon blue and neon pink.


Sportswear was a big part of the 80s. It was also a decade where fashion trends were a little more adventurous. There were mohair sweaters, boas, and lots of lace. In the 80s, it was not uncommon for people to wear different colors of the same clothing to blend in with the different seasons.

Corporate Wear

In the 80’s, corporate wear was more colorful and flamboyant. For example, men wore double breasted suits and women wore big shoulder pads. Today, corporate wear is more conservative and corporate. Men wear business suits and women wear power suits. The fashion trends have shifted to more conservative clothing, which is meant to give off a professional appearance. Corporate wear is typically black or dark colors, like navy blue or grey.

The Mid 1980’s

In the mid 1980s, fashion in the 80s was a roller coaster ride. The time period was a time of changing trends, so you would have to keep up with the fashion trends to be trendy. This was the era of big hair and big shoulder pads. Some of the clothes were even made out of spandex. One of the most popular fashion trends was the midi skirt. The midi skirt became popular in the mid 1980s and was worn by women who wanted to look a little bit more like a lady than a girl. These skirts were worn with a high-waist shirt or blouse and a mini-top underneath. By the end of the 1980s, the midi skirt became a fashion trend that was eventually phased out.

The Late 80’s

For eighties fashion, the late 1980s was a nightmarish time. It was the peak of the “plastic” fashion trend. This was when fashion designers began to experiment with new materials. They made garments out of rubber, vinyl, plastic, and even wood. Some of the most well-known trends of the late 1980s were the mullet, the parachute pants, and the duster coat.

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