A Real Skeleton Was Used As The Tymoff In The 1982 Movie Poltergeist: Horrific Revelations 2024 

In horror films, some behind-the-scenes revelations can be as shocking as the scenes on screen. One such spine-tingling revelation is the 1982 classic film Poltergeist, known for its haunting imagery and supernatural thrills. While the audience enjoyed the on-screen horror, little did they know that an actual skeleton played a role in creating one of the film’s most memorable scenes

Digging for truth

Directed by Tobe Hooper and produced by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist follows the tragic experiences of the Freeling family as they encounter evil forces that haunt their suburban home notable for its unsettling authenticity: the skeletal remains found in the Freeling family’s back pool

In a shocking revelation years after the film’s release, it was revealed that the skeletal remains used in this scene were not props for special effects artists just instead used real human bones to achieve a shocking realism that leaves audiences reeling to this day .

The Terrible Mystery of Tymophs

The scene in question takes place when the Freelings’ youngest son Robbie (played by Oliver Robbins) shuts down their backyard swimming pool by an unseen force and as water gushes out of the pool, Robbie is shocked notes that he sees skeletal remains from the murky depths. Highlighted by the haunting music and Robbie’s terrified screams, this shocking moment remains etched in viewers’ memories.

But what many viewers didn’t know at the time—indeed, for years after—was that the skeletal remains seen in the film were not artificial replicas, but the real story Skeleton A

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