Ship Tattoo

A place for tattoo lovers to share their ideas and designs in, Ship Tattoo is all about tattooing with a Ship and Ship Tattoos are tattoos that are permanent designs that are related to ships or boats. The designs can be small or large and they are always done in a ship’s sails or signs.

Ship tattoos are a great way to keep your loved ones close to your heart. They are also a great way to remember those who have gone on before you. Ship tattoos are especially popular among those who have lost a loved one in the past.

Sunken ship tattoo

A sunken ship tattoo is a type of tattoo that is made up of a ship that has been partially submerged in water. The ship often appears to be on the verge of sinking and the tattoo is usually done in a scene that reflects a shipwreck. The tattoo itself is usually done with a long thin needle and a black ink.

Ghost ship tattoo

Want a ghost ship tattoo?

For those who don’t know, a ghost ship is a type of tattoo that usually looks like a ship with a transparent body and a skull face. It’s a design that symbolizes the death of a ship. This is a tattoo that is often seen as a sad symbol. However, many people like to get this design as a tribute to their loved ones who have passed. In terms of the tattoo itself, the ghost ship is usually inked on the back.

Sailing boat tattoos

Sailboats are a common design choice for tattoos, because they combine the long-lasting and meaningful symbolism of a tattoo with the natural beauty of a sailing image. Sailboat tattoos are often chosen for their ability to symbolize freedom, with the ability to go anywhere at any time and live your life your way.

Vessel tattoo

A vessel tattoo is a tattoo that you can get to cover up or cover up scars or stretch marks. They are typically black or dark grey in color and sometimes with a metallic shine. You can also get a vessel tattoo to cover up the scars from surgery. A vessel tattoo can be on a part of the body that is not normally covered by clothing, like the chest. They are typically used to hide or cover up a part of the body that can be embarrassing.

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