Toeboards are usually _ inches high and used on landings and balconies.

Toeboards are usually 4 inches high and used on landings and balconies.

Typical Height of Toeboards

One of the critical aspects of toeboards is their height. Typically, toeboards stand around 4 inches tall. This measurement is carefully chosen to strike a balance between efficacy and practicality. At 4 inches high, toeboards are sufficiently tall to contain most objects and prevent them from falling over the edge while still maintaining ease of visibility and access. This standardized height ensures consistency across construction projects, facilitating compliance with safety regulations and best practices.

Utilization on Landings and Balconies

Toeboards find extensive application on landings and balconies, where the risk of objects falling is particularly high. Landings, serving as transition spaces between floors or levels, often see heavy foot traffic and may accommodate various materials and equipment.

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